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Tips to Help Your Landscaping Business Flourish in the Off Season

Tips To Help Your Landscaping Business Flourish In The Off Season

When it comes to landscaping, your best seasons for business tend to be spring and summer. There are plenty of people who want routine lawn cutting as well as plenty of others who are looking to spruce up their yards and properties before the summer barbecue season starts. The work may be consistent, but it isn’t the only time of year your business can make money. There are plenty of opportunities for your landscaping business to take advantage of in the fall, and even in the winter. Knowing where to start is a big help.

Start Off by Offering Fall Cleanup

Not many people will be looking to give their properties a complete makeover just before winter, but there are still plenty of beneficial services you can offer at this time of year that will pay off for your customers in the long run. You can remove leaves from the yard and from flower beds, clean out gutters and so on. For people who have plants or full on gardens, you can offer services that include trimming, splitting and removing plants and preparing them for winter. You can even trim some bushes and trees – for some plants, pruning in the fall, before winter, is better than waiting for spring. You can also advertise planting spring bulbs that will make their appearances once winter is over, and you can remove dead plants from planters, pots and other items that are prone to cracking in the freezing weather. Offering lawn furniture removal and storage is an option as well. This may sound like the job for a mover, but you can easily tack this onto a full fall cleanup package to completely prepare lawns and yards for the cold months ahead.

Don’t Worry, There’s Winter Work if You Look For It

Even if land is frozen hard and covered in snow, there are things that your landscaping company can do about it. Offer snow removal for driveways and other patches of land that people may not be willing to do on their own. Give out fliers advertising your snow removal services well before winter, perhaps while you are doing summer and fall work, so that your customers know that they can call you to plow their walkways and other parts of their property.

You can even offer to help customers with their holiday decorations. Putting up lights is not an easy job, and it can be dangerous work. Offer to put up lights and take them down once the holidays are over. People love to celebrate this time of year, but many people might refrain from decorating because of the risk and the labor involved. Even families who usually put their lights and decorations up by themselves may be pleased to have a professional take on the task for a change.

Once Winter Is Over, Start Spring Prep

There is a lot of work to be done in the spring, especially for those who are looking to prepare for the upcoming growing season. Your business can help customers by removing straw laid down to prevent land from freezing, you can spade and rake beds, and spray some pre-emergence weed killer to prevent anything unwanted from growing once it gets warmer. Offer to clean pots and containers, refill them with soil and replant as well. You can plan and dig new borders for gardening, remove dead bushes and trees, feed plants with slow-release fertilizer to help ease them through spring and pruning as you go along.

Make Sure You Advertise

While most landscaping businesses tend to be at their busiest during the summer, you can use the slower fall and winter periods on advertising and preparing for warmer weather. But since there is still plenty of work that you can do during this time period, it is best to start advertising your winter prep during the summer. Remind your customers of your other services by providing them with flyers or brochures that they can keep and display on their fridge, or anywhere else in their home, where they can be reminded when the time comes. And even while you are busy with fall and winter work, it is never too early to begin producing marketing materials for the summer season.

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