<span>Homeowners &#38; Auto Insurance</span><span>&#160;</span>

Homeowners & Auto Insurance 

Your home is a reflection of your character. It’s filled with memories and treasures you want to protect. Most policies have basic coverage to protect against fire, theft, or damage. But at Dempsey-Weiss, we understand there is nothing basic about your home. 

Maybe you have a detached structure or a valuable possession that requires additional coverage. Or maybe you are concerned about guests getting injured on your property. When you choose Dempsey-Weiss, you get a professional agent who lives and works in your community and understands your unique needs and concerns. 

And how about your vehicle? Without the right insurance protection, you and your family might not be able to pay for necessary car repairs, medical expenses, or legal fees that come with being involved in an accident…whether it’s your fault or not. 

Let us make sure you and your most valuable possessions are properly protected. 

We look forward to working with you!