Winery Advantage

Protecting Your Winery

Your winery is a labor of love. You love watching the grapes maturing, the smell of the wine fermenting, even the long hours on the land producing your wine. We understand. With our roots entrenched in agriculture, we know what hard work feels like. As a company formed by farmers for farmers, we have a long tradition of service to growers. Knowing your special needs and protecting your winery is our labor of love.

We Understand Your Business

Dempsey, Weiss & Associates offer a full-bodied program to protect your wine business, with valuable coverage and features tailored to your winery or vineyard needs.

Specialized Protection

In the vineyard

Harvested Grapes
Trellises and Grapevines
Mobile Agricultural Equipment
Mobile Agricultural Equipment Rental Reimbursement

Winemaking process

Wine Leakage
Processing Water


Brands and Labels Expense (re-labeling)
Contract Penalty Clause (for failure to deliver)
Worldwide Air Shipments

At every stage

Expediting Expenses (for repairs)
Extended Warranty (for damaged property)
Wine Products Valuation

General liability

Pesticide/Herbicide Application
Limited Products Withdrawal Expense (for recall/removal)
Additional Insured Vendors

Standard Protection


Buildings, business personal property including wine caves, wine tanks and winemaking equipment; permanently installed equipment, fine arts, debris removal, outdoor property including signs; property in transit, peak season coverage, equipment breakdown; pollutant cleanup and removal; valuable papers and records and more.


Premises and operations; products/completed operations, liquor liability, personal injury, bodily injury, advertising injury, fire legal liability, medical expenses and more.

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