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Wine Clubs: what are they and how can they help grow your wine business?

Wine Clubs: What Are They And How Can They Help Grow Your Wine Business?

If you have a wine business or winery, you know that DTC or direct-to-consumer revenue can be the key to your success. By building a rapport with your customers, you can also build a personal relationship that encourages brand loyalty. It also inspires current customers to share your products with friends and family. These clients develop trust with you, your brand, and in the products that you offer – but how does one go about fostering this sort of business relationship? Having a wine club can be the key.

What is a wine club?

A wine club can be many things. Ultimately, you can dictate what your wine club is, what it offers, and who can join and how. For the most part, however, wine clubs are essentially membership groups where customers are able to access special deals and sales or pay a monthly or annual fee for samples, packages, and much more.

No matter what you choose to do with your wine club, it can be beneficial in many ways. It is an easy way to get your customer’s contact info, (mainly their email address), which you can use to market to them directly. This sort of marketing strategy, especially when offered with exclusive membership, can help make your customers feel valued by you as a business. Having a membership mailing list can allow customers to stay informed about what products you offer and if you are offering any deals that they can take advantage of.

Exclusive Email Marketing

If you want, you can offer exclusive sales prices for members of your wine club. These sorts of deals entice people to become members – no one can resist a sale! Even if members do not take advantage of every offer available to them, keeping them on your mailing list still allows you to market to them directly all year round. Even if a member only takes you up on a membership price every once in a while, having them as a member keeps your business present in their mind when it comes time to purchase a gift for a friend, when hosting a party, or preparing for the holidays.

You can bolster your emailing campaign by offering special tips and tricks when it comes to wine tasting and choosing for your club members. Many people wish they knew more about wine, so enticing customers to become members by promising that they will learn more about wine can be a great marketing tactic. You can brand each newsletter by featuring a wine that you offer, too, so you can give some general information while also featuring and selling one of your very own products to help drive sales.

Monthly Wine Subscriptions and Samples

More and more wineries and wine businesses are now offering special mail-order deals for interested customers. There are many people out there who wish they knew more about wine but simply do not know where to start. They may enjoy wine, but tend to stick to the same bottle every time they visit the liquor store. Offering a monthly wine package can cater to these curious customers. Many businesses are taking on this tactic – they offer a curated package of goods that meet a basic set of criteria expressed by the customer. This helps clients feel special and valued, but it also allows you as a business to offer your customers samples of various products they may not even know about. It can also help you sell new and upcoming products as well. Have your wine club members fill out a basic survey regarding what kinds of wine they like. Since many people are not connoisseurs (even if they wish they were) you can simply ask whether they prefer dry or sweet wine, red or white, etc. and then send them samples or bottles of wines that they may like on a monthly basis. You can also put a different spin on this idea by featuring a wine of the month subscription instead or as an alternative. Having a wine of the month offer can your clients with more of your products in a fun and personalized way.

Host Special Events and Giveaways

There is no better way to foster brand loyalty than by making your customers feel especially valued. Every once in a while, you can offer sample tastings for club members or give them first dibs on new wines or other products. Giveaways are great too, and they don’t even need to be actual wine. Giving away accessories like wine holders, cozies, neck stoppers and other such trinkets can be a great incentive as well.

If you plan an event, offer a plus one option or have the event open to anyone while giving special deals for wine club members. If they bring friends and family along, you could be catering to a whole new group of potential customers dedicated to your brand.

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