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Where Should You Advertise Your Horse Riding Stables?

Where Should You Advertise Your Horse Riding Stables?

Horse riding is a great activity. There are definitely plenty of people out there who enjoy horseback riding but there are even more people out there who may want to try it for the first time. As a horse farmer, you may want to take advantage of your animals and your land by offering horseback riding activities, courses, and lessons, but you will need to get the word out there first.

If you have any kind of business, you will need to advertise. Having a good advertisement is one thing, but it means nothing if they are not placed where potential customers can see them. In order to get the most out of advertising, you will need to make your business known in places where your intended demographic may see them.

Community Events

If you are a local farm or ranch, then advertising at big community events may be your best bet for reaching the most people. You can tout your services at these events with flyers or handouts, but depending on the type of event you may also be able to give a bit of a demonstration. You may be able to ride along in parades or take part in county or town fairs. People might be more likely to develop interest in your riding stables if they see how lovely and friendly your horses are up close and in person.

Aside from attending events to spread the word, you can also look at places where community events are advertised themselves. They are often marketed in local cafes, shops, diners and other places that are special to your area.


Kids love horses, and animals in general. Going to the riding stables can make for a great weekend out with their families but it can also make for a great field trip, too. Go to the schools local to your area to discuss setting up field day trips and other activities where schools and students can get involved. Before going ahead with any of these plans, however, you will need liability insurance and enforce safety measures to make sure that everything, the kids and your business included, is properly secure and protected.

Business Offices

Adults can be just as eager and enthusiastic about horseback riding as kids are, so why not get them involved, too? Offices and companies can schedule team building activities and adults can plan romantic evenings with their significant others. Work can be stressful, but breathing in the fresh air while enjoying nature while horseback riding can help ease tensions or even rekindle romance.

Places of Travel

If you live along a scenic trail or near landmarks and other historical sites, then you may be able to advertise your stables as a place where adventure happens. Offer tours and guided history trots in your area, but in order to get the right people you will need to advertise to individuals already looking for some action. Placing ads in hotel lobbies and information centers can be a great place to attract this type of customer.

Gyms and Fitness Centers

Horseback riding is a physical activity and it can be taken to a whole other level by those who are devoted to the practice. Regular gym goers may be interested in picking up another physical activity. Fitness or activity centers like the YMCA may want to offer programs through your stables or provide day camp activities and trips there for kids.

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