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Using Pinterest to Build an Audience for Your Contracting Business

Using Pinterest To Build An Audience For Your Contracting Business

If you are operating as a small or independently run contracting business, then you need to consider marketing. You can rely on word of mouth and traditional forms of advertising such as flyers, ads and the like, but if you are not tapping into social media then there is a lot of potential business that you may be missing out on. When it comes to a profession such as contracting, finding new leads and clients really relies on what you can provide for them and how exactly you plan on promising the quality of your results. If a client is brought to you by referral, then they likely have a majority of the information they need before moving forward, but when it comes to completely new clients, you will want to have a current portfolio as well as current testimonials that can attest to the work that you and your contracting team can accomplish. Social media can help you do that easily, and with sites like Pinterest you can attract people in your target audience as well as others, too.

Pinterest is an online service where you can share images through social media, but in a completely unique way. Pinterest is mainly geared toward people looking for ideas, people who are crafty, people who are looking to remodel or people looking for some inspiration. Crafts, DIY activities, recipes and how-to’s are extremely popular on Pinterest, but so are many other subjects as well. In order to use Pinterest to it’s fullest, it helps to understand what is popular on this site as well as how to properly use the site itself.

On Pinterest, you can upload photos to albums or “boards” on your page. Each board has a subject or a theme where other similar photos can be collected. The words you use to describe a board can help certain images appear in specific Pinterest searches and help promote page views, likes and pins. Pins on Pinterest are essentially reblogs or reposts of images from other pages and profiles. You can pin an image or a post from someone else’s page and add it to an appropriate board of your own. As a contractor, you can use this system to help promote your business and boost your company’s visibility.

Step 1: Make a Profile
When making a company profile, there are options you can select that designates your page as one that belongs to a business as opposed to belonging to a person. Use your company logo as your profile picture and insert your company bio where appropriate. You can choose to follow subjects that pertain to your business but this will only affect what images and posts appear on your dashboard when you log in. These items will not show up on your page, but these posts may provide you and your company with business ideas, marketing ideas, and much more, so it would be wise to take this portion of the profile set up seriously as well.

Step 2: Make Boards
As a contractor, you will want to exhibit your past work through what images you upload, but you can do so by adding different images to certain categorized boards in order to make them easier to find. For example, make a board for images of finished projects. From there, you can make more specific boards pertaining to different kinds of rooms, styles, trends, decor, etc. and upload the appropriate images from your portfolio of work.
These posts and boards can then be found and pinned by other Pinterest users who may be looking to renovate their home, are looking into buying a new home, or are interested in interior design and other similar subjects. As your posts are pinned, liked and shared, your company will gain a wider audience, even if many of those people are just scrapbooking or looking for ideas. As these Pinterest users share your images, others will see your work, exposing your company to a potentially limitless audience.

Step 3: Use Pinterest as a Tool for Research
Aside from utilizing social media as an outlet for your business specifically, you can also use it to look at the competition. By looking at other images and boards in the categories that you regularly post in, you can stay abreast of what topics are popular, which images get the most pins or general traffic, or even what other similar companies might be posting out there. This information can help inform your posts as well as what services your company provides.

Step 4: Keep Posting!
Like any other mode of social media, consistency is key. Updating your page on a regular basis can help to ensure that your client base, as well as your supply of general followers and fans, continues to grow. Try to keep up with the latest trends, tag images and boards with buzzwords and even link to affiliates and other companies that you may work with. Share images from happy customers or encourage them to post images of their own on social media as well.

As your company continues to complete work, you should be adding new images to your Pinterest page, as well as other various social media sites your business may have. This way, your site remains relevant and you can continue to expect a steady flow of interested Pinterest users and potential clients.

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