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Top Tips For Capitalizing on Agritourism in 2015

Top Tips For Capitalizing On Agritourism In 2015

As a farm owner already, you likely have many of the tools and resources available that can help to launch an agritourism arm of your business. By determining the best fit for you early on this year, you can make the most of the busiest seasons for agritourism in America. This can add variety to your bottom line and also help you promote your farm to a wider audience.

Plan Ahead With Seasonal Events

Anything with a theme is a great way to revamp an existing agritourism business or to start a new one. By planning ahead and doing your research early, it’s fair to say that you could be cashing in on 1-3 events at your farm this year. Whether it’s an Easter egg hunt, a Halloween event, or a Winter weekend with a stunning lights display, you can attract people to your farm and help them enjoy the great outdoors with advance planning and marketing. It’s important to think well ahead of the event so that you can be sure to have all the details in place.

Educational Tours

If you’d like to spread the word about what it’s like to work on a farm and get more engagement from the community, set up marketing that promotes educational tours. Schools, youth groups, and churches are all great places to publicize what you offer. Since most of the educational aspect is show and tell, you probably don’t need to invest too much in getting a program like this launched.

Farmer’s Markets and Pick Your Own

Especially as interest in sustainability and locally-grown food has increased in recent years, there are some great opportunities to sell your products and interact with people through these two types of ventures. Like with major events, plan ahead on what will be in season and when and invite people out. Attending a farmer’s market nearby can also help you sell surplus goods and promote your other physical events at the farm, like your themed weekend events around holidays.

With just a little investment of your time and making things friendly towards outside visitors, you can reap the benefits of interacting with a broad range of customers and increasing your profits. Agritourism is becoming a very popular endeavor for individuals who already own farms and it’s expected that this interest will only continue to grow in coming years. Now is a great time to think about how much more you could accomplish in 2015 by incorporating other aspects to your business.

With new business opportunities can come greater risk if you don’t plan ahead carefully. Any time that you’re increasing the number of people visiting your property or anytime that you launch an offsite arm of your business, evaluate whether you need to alter the terms of your existing insurance. Going for broad coverage under something like what’s offered in the Special Farm Package gives you the peace of mind that your expansion is being accomplished with an eye towards safety to protect the farm you have worked so hard for.

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