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Top 13 Places Your Business Should Be Listed Online

Top 13 Places Your Business Should Be Listed Online

If you want to be found, it helps to have an online web presence. Some people may believe that this only extends to having a well-designed website, and while it is absolutely essential to have a webpage in this day and age, it is also essential that you make your small business as easily accessible and discoverable as possible. There are plenty of online directories that can help drive traffic to your website and to your small business, so it definitely helps to know who some of the major players are.

1. Google My Business is perhaps the most important directory you want to be a part of. Google consistently outperforms every other search engine and online directory on the web so it seems like a no brainer as to why you should register your business with Google.
2. Even though it is not linked to a major search engine, Facebook for Business is the next place you’ll want to make a space for your store or services. Facebook has blown up in the last ten years and has expanded to include online commercial space as well as online personal space for users. You can connect with users easily through Facebook while also utilizing Facebook tools such as ad targeting and boosting posts.
3. Yelp for Business is another place you want to be. Millions of people refer to Yelp to find local businesses in their area. While Yelp may have originally blown up for restaurants it now includes listings for a plethora of other businesses as well.
4. Bing Places for Business can also help you get found on the web. As the second leading search engine, Bing can help you reach a wider range of potential customers.
5. Yahoo Local is a free registry that offers a variety of options and features, including reviews, maps, events and more.
6. Foursquare for Business touts that more than 2 million businesses have already registered with them by 2014 but that by doing so you will be opening yourself up to traffic from the over 50 million users Foursquare sees per year.
7. Merchant Circle is a platform meant specifically for small businesses and allows them to reach out and connect with more customers. They also offer free marketing tools to help you boost your business.
8. Yellow Pages may no longer be of much use in print but they are still around. Many people still trust Yellow Pages for finding businesses and other information. Yellow Pages offers advertising, lead generation and online payment options, too.
9. You may have seen commercials and ads for Angie’s List, and with good reason. Angie’s List is one of the more well-respected directories out there. They offer reliable reviews and information for clients, so having your business listed with them may help lend you some extra credibility.
10. DexKnows is an interesting online directory that not only lists your business but also tracks how customers interact and engage with your profile, which can help provide you with some incredibly valuable insight. They offer ratings and reviews but they also help find places online and in-print where you can advertise.
11. is a growing site where people can search for a variety of things going on their town or city. They list events and deals regarding local businesses, especially ones that are popular or up-and-coming. You can post coupons or deals for your business using to incentivize potential customers and clients.
12. Manta claims to be one of the fastest growing business sites around, attracting over 30 million unique visitors per month. Since it is primarily focused on small business, their goal is to help drive web traffic and allow you to highlight your products and services.
13. Like Yellow Pages, White Pages is still around in web form. With over 200 million users and visitors, you can help target customers with sponsored advertisement opportunities or even premium mobile marketing options that they offer

Online directories can help you accomplish a lot, especially those that offer additional marketing options, many of which are either free or very affordable. Remember, no matter what site you are registering with, it helps to input all relevant information about your business. You should always include the name of your business, the address, main phone number, website, your business hours, a brief description of about 250 words, any business tags or categories, and good quality pictures along with an eye-catching and appropriate logo.

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