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The Business of Business – Two Daughters & Their Dad

We are excited to announce The Business of Business podcast!

Jack Dempsey and Staci Joy Dempsey have begun a podcast!

Joining them is family member Jennifer Faith owner of J. Faith HairStudio.

So what exactly do an insurance agent/nonprofit volunteer, a salon owner and a financial advisor have in common? Well they are all part of an entrepreneurial family who want to help others turn their passion into business.

Why Do a Podcast?

The Business of Business – Two Daughters & Their Dad  helps entrepreneurs learn the business side of running a business.  From the experiences of being part of an entrepreneurial family & the lessons learned in starting their own businesses to the fellow entrepreneurs as guests on the show you will gain valuable insight into what it takes to develop a successful business.

The focus is on the business of, well, business.  And, no matter what business you are in, or want to be in, the business of running that business is the same.

Jack, Staci and Jennifer share tips, tricks and strategies for turning your passion into your business.

But who are the Dempseys?

Jennifer Faith Dempsey has been in the beauty industry for over 10 years. The last 3 1/2 years she has owned J.Faith Hair Studio. She brings her experience on how she balances entrepreneurship and motherhood.

Staci Joy Dempsey is an insurance agent, a mom and a busy non profit volunteer. She truly understands what it means to be an entrepreneur.  Staci serves as the podcast’s host.

Jack Dempsey is the dad who heads up this busy family.  He is a founding partner in Dempsey, Weiss & Associates, an Elmer, NJ based insurance and investment firm begun more than 30 years ago.

The Business of Business podcast is sponsored by:

Dempsey, Weiss & Associates and J. Faith Hair Studio

It is now available on all services.  Look for new episodes every month.

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