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Run Your Farming Business More Accurately and Efficiently With These Mobile Apps

Run Your Farming Business More Accurately And Efficiently With These Mobile Apps

Farming is a age-old profession that feels as if it has not changed much since people first learned to domesticate animals and grow their own crops. While many of the same principles and goals inherent to farming have not changed at all over the years, a few things have. One of the more obvious advances used to help productivity in farming was developed during the Industrial Age, when mechanized tools and and vehicles were implemented into the practice to help move things along much faster and more efficiently than ever before.

There have been other changes and discoveries made that have helped farming productivity, but most people do not consider the digital age to have any bearing on future changes. While it may not appear obvious, there are actually several ways in which a phone or other mobile device can help farming. There are several apps available today that can help farmers track their data more accurately, create exact schedules and to better determine when certain tasks need to or should be completed. These digital tools can even help you keep an accurate log and better advertise your small farming business with your community and with the world.

Apps Specific to Farming

You may not expect to go into your mobile phone app store and find apps tailored to farmers, but they do exist. Like many apps, these tools were created by farmers who realized the potential in taking advantage of the digital age.

Taking care of acres upon acres of farmland is difficult, and the people who created FarmLogs realized this and wanted to make a difference. Apps like FarmLogs can track acres of farmland and compare them to compiled images taken from satellites over the past five years. This app then examines the state of each area of land, and comparing it to previous data, can determine whether there are any areas experiencing distress. The app then sends push notifications to the user urging them to check up on these areas in person.

There are plenty of other apps that use data in much the same way. CheckIt is another app that can help growers identify nutrient problems in crops. It can be difficult for a farmer to remember what the land was like years and years ago, or even just from year to year, in order to detect subtle but significant changes. By using available data, farm owners can more accurately keep track of just how well their farm is doing and can tailor their work to meet those specific needs more accurately.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln developed The Climate App that tracks key temperature changes and relays them to the tee. Keeping track of these changes and being aware of them can help farmers to keep more accurate timetables and production timelines. The iCrop Trak Soil app can deliver quick and easy data regarding soil samples in just three clicks.

There are tens of other apps out there, and there are more being created and put out on the market every day.

General Apps That Can Help Your Business

As valuable as accurate farming and agricultural apps can be for small businesses, general apps can be just as useful.

Basic software like Microsoft Office can provide you with several programs that you can use for basic record-keeping, such as Excel and Word. If you want a program that you can access from your home computer or your mobile device out in the field, then apps like Google Docs or Evernote can keep your data online or on a cloud server so you can access your files from wherever you happen to be.

Many farmers are also taking their daily farm logging to the web, too. Using sites like WordPress, farmers are turning their dry farmer’s logs into witty and personable blogs that fellow farmers or even potential business partners can follow and get to know them through. A blog can help give a farm a face and make selling your products and crops much easier. You can gain a wider audience and you can easily connect with other farmers in your area, across the country, or even all over the world.

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