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Ramp Up Referrals in Your Contracting Business

Ramp Up Referrals In Your Contracting Business

Want an easy and systematic way to improve the amount of referrals you are receiving in your contracting business? Regardless of your contracting niche, it’s easier than you think. Social media is a key tool that you can use to boost your referrals for your electrical, windows, HVAC, painting, landscaping, or roofing contracting business.

The biggest benefit associated with referrals is that they tend be higher quality jobs and the people who contact you are eager about getting started. When it comes to making the important decision of who to work with, what other people say has a tremendous effect.

Relationships Take Time

If you’ve worked with someone who loved your work, make sure to leave a few of your cards behind. It’s so much easier for them to pass on your details if you have provided a simple way of contacting you. Want to make sure they remember? Drop your client a quick thank you note. Invest in providing rewards and appreciation to those who are already referring you.

Remember, It Goes Both Ways

You need to flex your muscle with your own referral partners, too. One of the biggest mistake that people make in relation to building referrals in their contracting business is not reciprocating! Although it’s inevitable that a few referrals will always flow in one direction, you can generate really positive relationships with other people you work with by making an effort to focus on their business. Putting that positivity out there increases the chances that they will return the favor down the road.

Easy action steps to do this? Connect with another contractor on LinkedIn or Facebook and recommend them. If you take the opportunity to share your recommendation with all your friends and they do the same, they will definitely remember your name.

Partner Up

The last tip highlighted the importance of making referrals a two-way street with other contractors. Since the winter can be a slow time for contracting projects, it’s a great time to start filling up your calendar for the spring and summer. Work together with another contractor to put together an action plan for the next month. Winter is a wonderful time to ramp up your referrals so that you are kept fully scheduled during the busy season. You may be able to partner up with another contractor on your marketing efforts, too, and simply having an accountability partner can go a long way towards helping you meet your goals.

Start With The End in Mind

Develop a game plan by working backwards: how many referrals would you like to receive this year? How many new projects would help you boost your profits? When you have an end game in mind, it’s much easier to backtrack and figure out the smaller milestones you need in place to really benefit from referrals this upcoming year.

Building a referral base is easier than you think when you can divide and conquer with another contractor. Let the solid reputations for both of you do the talking and their connection help you push open new doors.

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