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Marketing Tips for Contractors That Will Explode Your Business

Marketing Tips For Contractors That Will Explode Your Business

In today’s world, contractors fight tooth and nail to find and think of innovative ways to attract new clients. Most of them have gotten on board with the digital age and have turned to social media to help them achieve new heights. Others have turned to joining local networking groups to grow their businesses, and some have tried both. One thing that isn’t talked about much these days anymore and it’s a goodie. The most powerful marketing or sales tactic tool a contractor can deploy to grow their business is to focus on the clients they already have.

Your existing clientele base can be one way of exploding your business; you just need a plan of action. Just because a contractor just completed a job for a new room addition, doesn’t mean they can’t ask for a referral before they close up shop. Most contractors are asking for the referral, but, believe it or not, not all are which is a lost opportunity. For those contractors who also agree that nurturing your current clientele base can lead to growth, here are 8 other tips related to focusing in on your current customer to explode your business.

1. Never stop thinking about the customer – From the time you wake up in the morning to the time you go to bed, you need to be always thinking of new ways to “wow” your existing clients. Things like sending them a yearly calendar, pens, and magnets is always a great way to keep them on your mind, and you on their minds. If you are already doing this, take it up one level and send them an e-newsletter equipped with beautiful pictures of recently completed local jobs and up and coming jobs in their area. This will spark interest.

2. All your clients should get your best each day – Whether a client is just spending $350 dollars to have one 10×10 room painted, or whether they are spending $8,500 dollars, and having a new roof put on their house, make them both feel like they’re your only client. Do not pre-judge them or sell them short as you never really know what one can truly afford to get done. Also, reputation is everything and treating each client the same, will ensure that your reputation and good name stays intact.

3. Who’s the expert again? – When it comes to construction, you are the expert; not the client. Use this to your advantage and when you speak with them, try to anticipate their needs or questions they are mostly going to ask you based on the project you are going to be completing for them. This will solidify and remind the client that they are working with a true industry expert.

4. Don’t just wait for a referral, ask for a referral – As mentioned earlier, most contractors do ask for referrals. However, some don’t and this section here is just to serve as a reminder to them to ask for the referral after a job is completed. If you solely bank on the clients to just remember to give you the numbers to a few of the people they know who are looking to remodel, you could be waiting for a while.

6. Online and TV advertising… Meet good old word of mouth advertising – Social media is great, but word of mouth advertising is still king to some successful contractors. Word of mouth is so powerful because it builds a clientele base that is long lasting as it was built from other clients of yours who had an amazing experience working with your company and told a friend.

7. Truly listen to your existing clients – Nurture all your existing clients because as they give you repeat business, these are jobs that didn’t cost you one single penny to get. In addition, this can lower overall marketing costs for you and provide you with a clientele base that was built on quality service and loyalty.

8. Get to know some your clients on a personal basis – I once lived in a small town where people had the same insurance agents for 20 years. Why would a client have the same agent for 20 years you ask? It’s because the agent was smart and knew if she’d got to know her clients on a personal note and made a “connection,” the client would be far less likely to ever leave them. A contractor can also employ this same strategy. If you know your client loves football, ask them what their favorite football team is and act engaged and most importantly, try and make a connection as it could last for 20 years.

9. Be an all-around professional – We already know you are the best drywall installer in three counties and deliver professionally looking work on time. However, are you insured? Do you have a New Jersey Contractor’s insurance policy? Most contractors are required to be licensed in their respective states, but a contractor having insurance is not mandatory in most states. However, the lesson a contractor can learn from not having contractor’s liability insurance could be a harsh one the first time around; even putting you out of business.

Be an all-around professional; get insurance and carry it always. On top of transferring your contractor’s business risk to an insurance company, new clients LOVE when a contractor has a license and insurance to go right along with it. This will help you stand out from a sea of other contractors vying for the same jobs you are. Being insured could be the difference between adding a new client to your book of business, or having to lose jobs to other contractors who were true professionals and presented their insurance policy right along with their bids.

As you can see, taking a new focus to the gold mind you are already sitting on, your existing clients, could explode your business. Clientele bases that are created from a pyramid structure of current and past clients could create you a strong base that would be built off word of mouth, and could last a few decades.

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