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Make It Visual: Selecting Eye Popping Images to Promote Your Landscaping Business Online

Make It Visual: Selecting Eye Popping Images To Promote Your Landscaping Business Online

If you’ve already made the leap to implement a visually-stunning website, you’re on the right track towards establishing a marketing tool that attracts visitors around the clock through online marketing. Whether it’s an email campaign, your website, or your blog, visuals are half the selling point and you should not neglect them.

Too often, visuals get left to be chosen until the end, and it’s all too easy to pick one of the first images you land on. Since the majority of your work is in the visual realm, it’s important to ensure that you’ve put in enough of an effort with regard to consistent and quality images. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of using images to promote your landscaping business.

Tip #1: Where Possible, Use Your Own

As a landscaping business owner, you probably have access to some of your own stunning images that fit perfectly what whatever you’re sharing. Investing in a good camera and capturing your work at its peak is a worthwhile endeavor, and you may want to begin building a photo file full of your most colorful and vivid projects. This way when you go looking for the perfect visual to add to your social media, blog, or site, you’ve already got a wealth to choose from- and they directly reflect the kind of work you provide.

Tip #2: It’s All About Color

People are far more likely to read an article online if there is an interesting or riveting picture attached. They may not even be interested in the article, but simply having an intriguing image increases the chances that a user will click “open”. This is why the social media site Pinterest is so popular, because people latch on to stunning photos or concepts and share them quickly across their social network.

For your purposes, it’s all about color. Make sure your greens are bold and that you use photos captured when flowers or other greenery is in full bloom.

Tip #3: Vary the Perspective

Close-ups of your work should be mixed in with the bigger picture. People want to imagine how your landscaping translates to actual property, so include the borders where your landscaping brushes up against a home, walkway, sidewalk, or driveway. It helps people get an accurate perspective of what you do and how little changes can enhance the curb appeal of their home.

Promote your landscaping business in the most effective way by choosing images that “pop” off the page and attract readers to interact with your company. Make use of your own database of images and use them to develop share-able and appealing content.

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