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How to Create A Black Friday Email Campaign

How To Create A Black Friday Email Campaign

Customers have come to expect big discounts and stellar deals on Black Friday and even begin planning ahead of time – which is why you, as a small business, need to think ahead, too. One of the best ways to help drive sales for this big holiday weekend is to create awareness, emphasize hype and encourage your customers to keep an eye on your deals and what you may be offering on the big day itself. Creating a sufficient amount of excitement can also entice new customers to come check you out and sign up for coupons and deals as well.

With online marketing tools being so easily accessible by buyers and sellers alike, it is no wonder why an email campaign is a good idea. You will be appealing to couponers and deal hunters alike, and honestly, who doesn’t love a sale? But how you curate your email marketing campaign will make a difference, and if you manage to pull it off you can reel in the big bucks this holiday season

Discounts, Discounts, Discounts

The main thing you will be focused on when it comes to Black Friday are the sales, but you will need to do some research before deciding what items or services will see the biggest discounts. You will want to see what has sold the most or the best in the past. You may also want to pay attention to how well certain products or services had sold the most during this time of year as well, depending on what your business is in. Once you gathered the information that you need, you can begin to create email offers that are specifically designed around products you know will drive email engagement, drive traffic to your website and will also drive sales revenue, including non-discounted sales as well.

Create a Sense of Anticipation

By advertising Black Friday sales over a period of time, likely over the course of the month of November, can help customers remember your small business when it finally comes time to buy. You won’t want to annoy customers by sounding repetitive, however, so you will want to change things up a bit. You can write several different related emails yourself or you can even look into an email marketing automation program that will create a series of different messages with differing subject lines to help garner customer expectation and anticipation before the big sale. This way, your emails act more like a countdown reminder rather than a broken record that people may potentially only end up filing into their spam folder.

Be Relevant, Be Personal

Since your business is certainly not going to be the only one vying for customers’ attention this season, you will want to make sure that you stand out, and one of the best ways to stand out during the holiday season is to be personal. The holidays are a time of giving, a time for family and for that age old notion of good will toward all men, so appealing to this sensibility can help. You don’t have to be overly sappy, but you can tuck in a few appreciative messages between sales announcements to show that your business cares about the people buying their products.

You can also be relevant and personal by appealing to the general nature of the shopping season as well. Most people will be shopping for gifts, so preparing gift ideas and others incentives for your emails gives customers more of a personal reason to open and peruse them. By giving your customers some ideas, they are more likely to heed your every email instead of instantly chucking them into the trash.

Create Your Subject Headings Wisely

The subject header is the first thing that a customer will see upon opening their inbox, and for many people is the first and last part of an email that they ever see. In order to make sure that your message stands out, you will want to use keywords and phrases, but perhaps a bit more than just sticking to “Black Friday” and not much else. If you sell a particular product or provide a certain service, mention it. Maximizing your subject heading relevancy will really help narrow things down. Using a specific location or town name can also be a big help, too. Letting people know that they have access to local deals that are not available anywhere else is sure to pique their interest.

But remember, try not to make your subject headers too extravagant, over the top or too long. You want to be eye catching but also to the point.

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