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How to Advertise Your Landscaping Business for the Digital Age

How To Advertise Your Landscaping Business For The Digital Age

No matter what kind of business you run, it definitely helps to keep up with the times. As a landscaper, there are plenty of trends that you have to keep in mind. You need to be aware of market needs and interests, what the going rates are, what tools and equipment will be best to use and so on. But using other kinds of tech can help, too. As a landscaper, it helps to know what the latest models there are available when it comes to mowers and weed whackers, but as the rest of the world enters the digital age, your business needs to do so, too.

Advertising has changed significantly because of digital media and the platforms it provides, so it’s vital that you bring your business up to speed. There are some simple ways to accomplish this, and they can be extremely beneficial (not to mention profitable) for your growing landscaping business.

Establish a Web Presence

This is usually the first step into making that initial foray into the digital world. Making a web page may sound easy, and it can be, but you have to do it right. Make sure your website looks attractive and simple. The appearance of the page will be the first thing that customers, and more importantly potential customers, will see. Some sites offer a series of pre-made templates for you to choose from. If you do not have any web design experience, choosing a simple, non-generic appearance will be your best bet, but if you know a thing or two about web design, simply tweaking the colors and fonts can help set your page apart. It helps if your web page has a simple or at least memorable name – that way it will be easier for customers to remember and to recommend. If you can, choose a simple URL. This makes it easier for customers and clients to remember, and it also makes it easier for them to recommend to others in conversation.

Aside from a web page, it helps to make your business known on social media as well. These are free to set up, though they do offer additional perks and services for a small fee. Being present on Twitter or Facebook can be integral when it comes to connecting with clients, but it can also boost your sales, too. If a customer loves your work, they can easily share your page with others and give you free exposure!

Are You Easy to Find Online?

If you Google your company name, are you the first thing that comes up? What happens when you type in “landscaping” and the area you operate in? It helps to have some additional web visibility when it comes to landing new client. If someone in the area wants to find a landscaper, it helps to know that your business comes up in their search. SEO can help you there. By having a web page, you at least exist somewhere online, but having content that can lead people to your page where they can learn more about your services is even better. You may need to hire an SEO specialist to provide you with some initial material or they may continue to provide you with content depending on your needs. It also helps to check in with online directories, too. If your business shows up on Yelp or Angie’s List, you can be sure that people will be able to find you.

Find Your Audience

Once you have all of these pages and links set up, it helps to get to know your client base. Looking at things that your customers and potential clients might be looking at online can help you cater your content and bring their attention to your business. Try to take advantage of certain times of year, holidays or even the changing seasons to advertise your services.

Engage in Conversation

Once you’ve found your niche audience and know your customers a little bit more, you can begin to engage in conversation with them. Social media is great for this purpose. You can thank people for liking your page or hiring your landscaping business to complete a project. In return, people may share your page and post after-pictures featuring the results of your labor. Even if you get a negative review, you can counter it by replying with an apologetic but understanding statement that also shows an extension of your customer service. Even if a project doesn’t go as planned, you can still show that your business operates with integrity and that you appreciate all of your customers’ feedback regardless.

Having a digital presence can be huge for your landscaping business. Not only can it put you on the map and help you get in touch with clients, but it can also give you an edge on the competition. Keeping up with the times isn’t just about being cool and staying hip to the latest trends. Staying up to date can make or break your business, and it never hurts to get ahead.

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