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How Instagram Can Boost Your Contracting Business

How Instagram Can Boost Your Contracting Business

Any business owner and operator is constantly on the prowl for ways to grow their company and boost business. This applies to any business out there, even contractors. As a contractor, you want to make sure that you have a steady influx of projects so one of the best ways to do that is to garner as much exposure for your company, your services and for your past work as well. Social media is a great way for businesses big and small connect with their clients whether they are already loyal or soon-to-be patrons. Social media allows you to put yourself out there, but it also allows people who follow you and like your work to share your page with others. So how do you inspire people to do that? You post grade-A content that suits your business as well as your audience.

Since the final product is important for your clients as a contractor, it makes sense that you will want to share images of your completed projects and use them as marketing material. Showcasing these images acts like a portfolio, but posting them to the web allows for people to find specific aspects of your work and your services much more easily. When it comes to sharing photos, Instagram is the way to go. Instagram is a platform for posting images that can be readily shared with others, both followers and non-followers alike. In order for non-followers to find you, you will need to know how to make the most of your contracting image posts and draw in a larger pool of potential clients and fans.

Showcase Your Work

Think of Instagram as an interactive gallery of your best projects. Feature high quality images of the projects that you have worked on, making sure that they are well-lit and cropped well and that each of your images are visually pleasing. Featuring trendy or hot styles can help boost interest in your photos as well as your page. Try to post a variety of different images if you can – you want people to see everything that you can accomplish and you will want to show off as much as you can. Mix things up with every post and try to create an even combination of all of the things that you do as a contractor. By featuring a variety of different images you are more likely to hold followers’ interest and appeal to something that they like.

Make Good Use of Filters

As a contractor, you will not want to go over the top with filters to the point that they distort and change your image, but many filters can be used to simply enhance the appearance of a given image. Look at the raw version of the photo that you are looking to post: what colors pop out? What aspect of the image are you looking to emphasize? What is the image lacking? Using all of this information, you can begin to choose a filter that works best with your image and improves it. Alternatively, you can use the editing tools to customize your photo exactly how you like it as well, but you can look to the pre-made filters for reference and to give you some ideas.

Make the Most of Your Hashtags

Hashtags are going to be your greatest tool when it comes to building an audience on Instagram. Many people find profiles that they want to follow by following or browsing the hashtags that interest them. Hashtags are essentially tags, or a means of sorting images and making them easier to find. There are basic hashtags that you can use to help get your image and your profile noticed such as #construction, #renovation, or #DIY are some of the more popular ones, but you can also jump on the bandwagon when it comes to certain trends. If there is a hot trend out there, there is sure to be a hashtag related to it. Additionally, you can make up hashtags of your own as well to help encourage followers to engage with you and give you feedback. Also, make sure that you use a hashtag of your company name as well so that people can find your images and your page much easier.

Flesh Out Your Bio

Even though Instagram focuses on images, it definitely helps to have an informative and friendly bio that will greet followers and other visitors that see your profile. When it comes to this platform, the more concise you are, the better, but by including important contact info, providing a link to your website and listing some of your basic services can be incredibly helpful. Additionally, you will want to choose a username that represents your brand. For the most part, you should be able to use your company name. This is your best option, but sometimes certain usernames are already taken or they may be too long to use. Be smart when it comes to crafting a catchy username. You will want to sound good but you also want it to be an accurate reflection of your company and the content that you will be posting.

Be Active… But Not Too Active

Like any other form of social media, you will want to be putting out quality content on a regular basis. You don’t necessarily want to post everything at once, though. Once you start your page, it is fine to post several images in a day just to get started – that way, anyone visiting your page right now will have more than one image to look at. From there, however, it is best to employ a bit of a posting schedule. Try to space out your posts and make sure that each one is a bit different from the last. Feature new project end results upon the completion of a job but save some images for those in-between periods where you may not have a current project to feature because you are currently hard at work on it. Also, pay attention to when people are online the most and which tags are the most popular. Using all of this information together will more likely produce a quality, popular post.

Encourage Your Followers to Engage with Your Page

Each Instagram image allows you to add a description, complete with tags, in addition to the photo itself. You can use this space to ask questions and encourage comments from followers. Ask them what they think, what aspects they like the best, and what they would like to see in their own home or workplace. Asking questions, and responding to answers with grace and gratitude, can help you build rapport with followers. It will also help you come off as more of a trustworthy business owner. Ask clients to post images of their finished results and share them on Instagram as well. You can share and repost images that they post on their own profiles, which is a great form of free marketing and PR. Engaging with followers and clients in comments can also help you find out what works, what’s popular, and what people want to see. This can help you determine what sorts of posts will be popular and what trends you may want to take advantage of in the future in order to further grow your contracting business.

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