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How Do You Know When It Is Time to Hire an Employee?

How Do You Know When It Is Time To Hire An Employee?

The question of when should a business owner should hire an employee is actually a tough one. The reason that makes it so tough is the fact that it is kind of subjective. Plus, there isn’t really a standard for when it is time to bring in a new hire. However, there are few indicators that you may be able to pick up on which could be the writing on the wall you’ve been waiting to see.

So what are these little things I need to pick up on?

You have to listen to your customer. If you hear little things from them such as “hey, I haven’t spoken to you in a while.” That is an indicator. Alternatively, “I can’t even remember the last time we’ve seen each other.” This is also an indicator. This means that you are so busy with the operations part of your business, that you might not be doing the other very important and necessary items to grow it. Things such as networking, making prospect calls, planning for future growth or any other number of business duties that are vital to keeping your business moving forward.

I thought small business owners are supposed to wear all the hats?

Everyone knows small business owners are jacks of all trades, especially in his or her first year or two. Smaller business owners are the CEO, the bookkeeper, customer support, the sales rep, the janitor and the website developer just to name a few. This is how it is been and how it will always be! However, is this the right mindset?

Yes, it is hard to wake up in the morning and think you are going to out work every small business owner… Unless you are a farmer maybe… However, we digress. If wearing every single hat your business is stopping your business from its ultimate goal; growth. Then this is another little thing a business owner needs to pick up on.

How can hiring an employee help my business grow?

When you first think of having to hire an employee, the first thought that comes to your mind is “I can’t afford to hire a worker!” If you are saying this, then consider this scenario:

Let’s say you are a local writer, and you have realized that you can only write 24 press releases in a week’s time. You stay following this format for six months, and now you want to go to the “next level.” You try accepting more work, and you try to write 34 press releases in one week’s time. It is a disaster, and you have figured out that you are not capable of creating such a large number of press releases alone.

Now what are you left for options if you want to grow your business? Employees. Or in this particular case, contractors. Hiring a few talented contractors can help a small business get to the next level. While you are focused on writing the 24 press releases you do each week, plus fixing the website, being the janitor, balancing the books and prospecting. Your contractors can pick up the other ten press releases you could not do. You’ll have to share the profits with them, but hey, they just helped you write ten extra press releases and get half the funds that you would never have gotten on your own. That is a win-win for the contractor and you.

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