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Are You Confused about Healthcare Reform?

The healthcare experts at Dempsey Weiss can answer all of your questions and dissolve any confusion you have about health insurance, healthcare reform, Medicare and more.

And don’t forget: open enrollment for Medicare begins October 15th.

Healthy Employees Are More Productive

In New Jersey and Pennsylvania, one day in the hospital costs an average of $2,014. With nearly 15% of NJ & PA residents uninsured, a bill like that can create significant financial distress. We make it easier for employers and individuals alike to give themselves and their employees access to affordable health insurance.

At Dempsey Weiss, we have the ability to work closely with health insurance companies to determine the best option for the type of coverage you or your company desires. Furthermore, we are able to quote plans from multiple health insurance carriers providing you with the maximum amount of options and savings.

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What Type of Coverage Do You Need?

We offer policies with exceptional value and we don’t waste your time covering options that don’t apply to you. At Dempsey Weiss & Associates, we believe in helping our clients find reliable insurance options that match their unique needs so they get the right level of coverage without making them spend more than necessary.

More Options Makes Your Employees Happy

Standard health insurance offers several coverage options, including HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations) and PPOs (Participating Provider Options).

  • HMO policies give people access to a primary care physician and a network of specialists
  • PPO policies also have preferred networks, but they don’t require primary care physicians

We also have other products that can complement group health insurance. These policies include:

  • Group life insurance
  • Group dental insurance
  • Health savings accounts

Have any questions about health insurance? The experts at Dempsey Weiss will provide you with free, unbiased advice. Just get in touch!

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