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Data Backup Solutions for Your Farm Office

Data Backup Solutions For Your Farm Office

Having a strategy in place for backing up your farm office data could save you thousands of dollars in data replacement costs and help prevent permanent data losses. There is never a better day than today to start backing up your farm office files, but how do you know where to even begin? Here are some questions to ask that are sure to get your creative juices firing.

  1. In the event of a computer crash, what is your backup strategy today to get those files back?
  1. What current software or hardware are you using?
  1. What types of backups do you already perform?
  1. Are your farm data files stored onsite or offsite?
  1. Who is the person on your team responsible for monitoring backups?
  1. In the event of an office emergency, do you have quick access to a professional technical support team?
  1. What are your farm office protocols for testing these backup plans?
  1. Do you have a farm office disaster plan documented and in place for your team?


Data protection for farmers has come a long ways from the days of backing up files by using a 3 and ½ inch floppy drive or small hard drives that were totally full after a few months. Today’s products are lightyears ahead. The space on computer hard drives has gone from Megabytes to Terabytes and now there is the ability to backup company files by a very popular business product called a cloud. A cloud is a data storage/backup system where the data is managed remotely and can be made available to all office employees over an encrypted network anywhere they have online access. The files are safe, secure and can give a farmer peace of mind knowing that their data and even their client’s data is safe.

Top 5 Cloud Computing providers for 2015

  1. iCloudThis cloud provider offers the lowest monthly fee at $1.66, but only gives 15 GB of space and does not currently offer file sharing with other people.
  2. EgnyteThis cloud provider can offer up to 150GB of cloud storage, but has the highest monthly price at $24.99. This product does offer file sharing and desktop app/access.
  3. Google AppsAs you guessed it, Google refuses to be outdone by anyone as they too offer a cloud storage service. The price is set at $5 per month, and the user can get anywhere from 1GB to 25GB of storage. They offer file sharing, but no desktop app/access.
  4. OpenDriveThis cloud provider offers a low monthly fee of $5, and the user can walk away with up to 100GB of cloud storage. However, they do not offer backup for emails, contacts or calendars at this time.
  5. DropboxThis cloud service can help a business by offering a low monthly fee of $9.99 and up to 100GB of storage. However, this provider does not offer users backup capabilities for emails, contacts or calendars at this time.

There are many excellent options a farm office can choose from that will back up their files safely and securely. Whichever data backup company you decide on is important, but not the main focus. Remember that you must have a data backup plan in place period. In the long run it will save you time, money and even prevent severe headaches that may have happened otherwise.

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