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Get coverage tailored to the risks in your industry. That way you get everything you need and nothing you don’t.

You don’t mind the long hours, the tough competition or the pressure because you know there’s nothing more satisfying than being your own boss. But how well do you understand the risks you face? Is your business protected against catastrophic loss, accidents, liability claims or loss of income? If you clearly cannot answer these questions, then we need to talk. Today’s entrepreneurs need flexible, tailored insurance coverage that addresses specific exposures and goals. We can help you identify the risks you face and protect your livelihood.

Business Owner Policy – BOP

At Dempsey Weiss & Associates, we combine protection for business owners from all major property and liability risks in one package. A Business Owner Policy, or BOP, is an special business insurance package that assembles the basic coverages required by a business owner in one bundle. It is usually sold at a premium that is less than the total cost of the individual coverages, saving you money!

What is in a Business Owners Policy?

A typical business owner policy includes: property insurance, business interruption insurance, crime insurance, liability insurance and flood insurance. Depending on additional risks a business owner might face, the business owner and the insurance company can make arrangements on additional components to be added to the original package.

Property Coverage

Business property insurance can help protect the property your business owns and leases, including things like medical equipment, inventory, furniture and fixtures. We also include coverage for things you may not have thought of, like protection for your accounts receivable records and or computers and media. There’s even an option that can help replace lost income when your operations are suspended and can no longer operate due to a covered loss.

No two businesses are exactly alike. With our flexible coverage options, you can tailor coverage specifically for your business’ unique needs both today and as your business evolves.

And, many of the commercial property coverages we offer as optional can be bundled into cost-effective packages giving you the best value for your insurance dollar.

General Liability

Whether you own a sole proprietorship or run a multinational business in any of the 150 countries in which we offer coverage, Dempsey, Weiss & Associates has the breadth and depth of expertise to protect you and your employees if you are involved in a lawsuit. From someone slipping and falling in your parking lot to injuries resulting from using your product, your general liability policy covers expenses related to out-of-court settlements, litigation, and court judgments. Your policy may include protection against lawsuits relating to:

  • Advertising injury
  • Bodily injury
  • Personal injury
  • Property damage

Inland Marine

Standard property coverage is typically designed to protect the assets at your business address. But if you have equipment or materials that frequently move to different locations, you may need inland marine coverage. An inland marine policy can cover the high-end digital SLR camera for your photography business, the power cleaners you use to clean floors, or the bulldozer at your newest construction project.

With a strong team of local specialists and dedicated inland marine underwriters, DWA Insurance can help you ensure that your property is protected not only at your location but also while it is on the road, in temporary storage, or otherwise off-site.

Workers Compensation

As an employer, we understand that your employee’s safety is vital to the success of your company. With that said, you have more things to worry about than your Workman’s Compensation coverage. We make it easy to determine the amount of coverage your business needs as well as provide the direction and assistance you need should a claim be made.

Our multi-line agents will work with your company to determine a fair and reasonable rate based on your risk factor, experience modifier and your safety practices.

Commercial Automobile

Dempsey, Weiss & Associates offers competitive rates on all types of vehicles you may use to run your business: dump trucks, sanders, 10-wheelers, cattle trailers, food and beverage delivery.

If you manage one, two or a fleet of vehicles to run your business or service your customers, make sure your drivers and those vehicles are protected with Farm Family’s Commercial Auto policy.

You’ll get coverage for:

  • Hired and Non-owned Auto Liability
  • Medical Payments
  • Personal Injury Protection
  • Comprehensive and Collision
  • Towing and Labor

…and more, including uninsured motorist coverage, underinsured motor vehicle coverage, accidental death and dismemberment, disability and work loss coverage.

Umbrella Liability

Seems like the sky’s the limit when it comes to legal settlements. The number of lawsuits filed against companies and the size of the settlements are on the rise. Chances are the amount of liability protection from your general liability insurance, commercial auto insurance and employer’s liability policy may not provide enough financial protection. This can leave your business open to risk and make your assets vulnerable.

Umbrella Liability insurance can increase your liability protection when a lawsuit maxes out the limits of your current coverage. These days’ lawsuits seem to pop up from the most surprising places. An employee driving their own car to a meeting accidentally strikes a pedestrian, and you get sued. A patron slips and falls and injures themselves while exiting your business, and you get sued. An advertisement lists the wrong number, causing thousands of annoying phone calls at an unrelated business, and you get sued.

A business umbrella policy can help by providing increased limits of financial protection to your business from unexpected risks – and it’s surprisingly affordable. That’s because the underlying policy limits are used first and your commercial umbrella coverage limits only kick in after those policies have reached their limits.

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