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The Best Ways to Sell a Riding Lesson

The Best Ways To Sell A Riding Lesson

Earning money by offering horse riding lessons is a key of part of many equine businesses. These lessons are a consistent, reliable source of income for stables. Horse riding lessons bring all types of people to the facility, and this presents plenty of opportunities to up-sell. Riding lessons are an opportunity for building a long term bond with your students and help to instill a passion and love for horses in your clients. This creates an economic advantage to you that can leverage for the lifetime of a customer – if correctly pursued.

To run a successful horse riding lesson business, you should learn the best ways of selling your services to potential prospects. Here are a few good ways you can position your business as the go-to place to get horse riding lessons in your local area.

1. Safe and well maintained facility
To attract students, you must have safe and functional facilities.  When students visit your farm or riding school, they keenly observe details of your facility. They are not looking for something fancy, but well kept and safe; tidiness of barn aisle, maintenance of the paddocks and arenas, and condition of the fence among others. This is a business and you must maintain a safe and professional environment to attract students.

2. Your abilities
These not only include the type of students you are capable of handling, but also what type of horse riding lessons you can adequately offer. Are your instructors able to teach young people? Are they able to effectively communicate knowledge so as to guide students?  Possessing these abilities will help promote your horse riding lessons. Focus your time on your strengths and hire someone else to help where you are not as capable.

3. Riding school location
You should first consider location of your riding school. Ideally, locating it on one acre or more along an accessible road which is visible from a highway, will advertise your horse riding lessons to the passing cars; thereby this will help in selling your lesson. Accessibility and advertisement will be increased by locating your lessons next to roads intersections.

4. Your horses
This is another easy way to sell a horse riding lesson. When students visit your horse riding school, they normally observe the conditions of your horses, and they tend to prefer taking their lessons from healthy and happy looking horses. Most students believe that dull and listless looking horses may not have been cared for properly, and they may think that the riding school is neither a good facility nor safe to learn from. To attract them, it’s vital to keep healthy and happy horses.

5. Online marketing
In this modern era, internet plays a major role in any business. And given that horse riding lessons are just like any other business, creating your online website is essential. This is because most students prefer, watching you teach others, as they take close look at your instructor’s style of teaching, and also, both demeanor of horse and rider. Therefore, you should upload only videos of lessons with horse and rider well matched, and not those with horses out of control. This will help in marketing your riding lessons.

6. Plan a riding program
Your riding program should be planned around the interest of your students. You can have a development program, which ranks students with increase of their riding ability. They are allowed to ride different horses or do more things as they develop through the ranks. Or even consider scheduling your horse riding lesson; retirees and moms in the morning, evening for working class and afternoon for kids. Fact is that most people like organized lessons, and by carefully planning your program, you will be selling your horse riding lesson to more students.

Keep it simple. Get all the essentials down and don’t wear yourself too thin with things that don’t matter. Consider all the needs of your students and meet them to the best of your abilities. Keep it enjoyable for your staff and the students and you will be successful!

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