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8 Summer Safety Tips

8 Summer Safety Tips

Summer is one of those seasons that makes many people feel nostalgic. It often evokes memories of being off from school, going on vacation, and spending a lot of time outdoors. It’s no wonder why businesses and parents alike tend to take advantage of the season and try to have some fun, whether they are looking to bring in potential customers or just have fun with their families.

What business owners and parents also have in common, however, is the responsibility that comes along with having any kind of summer fun. Because of the activities associated with the season, the weather, and the general easygoing attitude that so many people adopt this time of year, it is important not to forget the dangers that come along with summer.

If you are a business owner and plan on hosting summer events or if you are a parent who has any sort of plans for the summer months, then it is important that you heed safety tips before doing anything and to make sure that you are as prepared as possible.

Be Prepared for the Heat

While the warm weather associated with summer can alight imaginations with daydreams of swimming pools and tanning, it is important that you prepare to meet the heat. Whether you are swimming, sunbathing or simply spending time outside, the sheer heat can definitely do a number on you. Make sure that you are hydrated and that you have water on hand. It also helps to pack a drink with electrolytes that can help you retain water instead of sweating it all out.

Staying in the shade helps too. Getting too much sun can easily fatigue you and make your more susceptible to heat stroke or sickness. Make sure that you have a hat on hand or that you offer plenty of shade when hosting an outdoor activity.

Protect Yourself From the Sun, Too

The heat alone can wear you out, but the sun can do a lot of damage. Make sure to wear and/or keep UV protected sunscreen and sunglasses on hand. Prolonged sun exposure can harm your eyes as well as your skin so it is beneficial to do both. Your eyes and skin can suffer from sunburns and can become dull and damaged over time. Not to mention, sun exposure is linked to things such as cancer and other diseases which can affect your overall health and wellness.

Practice Water Safety

Whether you are in your pool at home or whether you are hosting a pool party or other event located on a body of water, it is imperative that you practice water safety. Make sure that children are supervised. One in five drowning victims are children who are aged 14 and under, and it is important to make sure that kids are well-equipped and supervised before getting in the pool or other body of water.

If you have a pool, make sure that you are well stocked with the proper equipment. Also, make sure that others do not partake in dangerous activities like jumping or diving. Unless you are in a pool where some of these things are allowed, diving into a shallow or in-ground pool can be potentially fatal. It also helps to have several adults tasked with watching children and to have someone who is a trained lifeguard or trained in CPR on hand to deal with any emergencies.

Be Careful With Fireworks

Fireworks are a staple form of entertainment during the summer months, but they can also be extremely dangerous. Fireworks are essentially explosives and it is imperative that you have an experienced expert or handler take care of them. You can either hire someone who is well-versed in firework safety to do this for you or you can find whether there are any nearby professional shows you can attend instead of setting them off in your backyard.

Beware of Deadly Driving Days

There are several summer holidays that people love to celebrate, but with celebration always comes people who drink a little too much before driving. In order to stay safe, always designate a driver before going to an event where alcohol will be served or plan to call a cab.If you can, avoid the roadways altogether. Even if you practice safe driving yourself, that does not mean that others will. Even if you drive completely sober or with a designated driver, you may still encounter drunk drivers on the road.

Keep an Eye Out for Potential Hazards

If you are hosting an event at a venue, you will often have to look out for potential dangers yourself. Even while at home or at a public park with your family, it always helps to be observant. Take note of how many people are supervising events, where children are and what they are doing, to look closely at any structures or equipment present, and to make sure that there are solutions to any issues should they arise.

Keep a First Aid Kit on Hand

It always helps to have some emergency equipment on you. In addition to antibacterial ointments and bandages, it helps to make sure that you have a fully charged flashlight, some water and nonperishable food with you. Emergencies do not just include injuries. Dehydration, faintness or fatigue can require immediate care as well. Always remember, if an accident occurs, go to the First Aid Kit first and then consider whether an ambulance needs to be called. If anything happens, the tools you have in your kit can keep someone safe until the experts arrive.

Stay Alert

This advice applies to nearly everything on this list, and some even require that you pay attention to what is going on around you. But no matter what you are doing, whether you are hosting an event or attending one, it is imperative that you are aware of your surroundings. Doing so can be crucial. It can let you know whether an unsafe act is in place, if there is an accident waiting to happen, if there is someone suspicious or some suspicious activity, if children are playing safely, or any number of vital things. Summer may be a time to kick back and relax, but it is still important that you know something wrong or dangerous when you see it. Staying safe and knowing how to handle an emergency can determine the outcome of a situation and it can also save a life.

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