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7 Ways to Build Hype for Your Winery’s Next Launch

7 Ways To Build Hype For Your Winery’s Next Launch

Selling a new product or introducing a new line can mean big business for your winery. If you are about to sell something new, it provides ample opportunity to encourage business and entice new customers to your products and services. It also allows you to interact more with your customers than ever before. There are plenty of ways in which you can build hype for the launch of a new product at your winery or wine store, and the best thing you can do is to try and take advantage of every angle this event presents you.

Don’t Give it All Away
One great way to build suspense is to utilize the element of surprise. By only divulging general details and keeping some surprises up your sleeve, customers both potential and current will be interested in sticking around until your launch premieres in order to find out the finer details. You don’t need to have some elaborate plot twist planned, but leaving some things undisclosed to reveal later such as a label design, a related launch event or something else can help garner interest in your winery before the big day and help draw people to your location the day of, too.

Countdown to Launch
Sure, countdowns are essentially meant to act as a reminder but with an active clock slowly ticking down to your launch you are also effectively building excitement. These tickers can be used as tools that entice people to stay tuned to what you have in store. You can add a countdown clock to your website, your social media sites or your main page. Make sure it’s visible and easy to find, but being too “in your face” may actually end up disinteresting customers so make sure to be careful.

Host a Relevant Giveaway
People love when things are free and creating a giveaway can harness that excitement into promoting your launch. By giving away a complimentary item that your customers may need or find use for can be extremely beneficial, bonus points if it directly relates to what you plan on revealing at your launch, too. One great way to use a giveaway to your advantage is to host the contest on your social media site and ask that participants share your page or news about your launch in order to be considered for the giveaway. While these posts act as entries, they are also acting as a bit of free advertising for your business.

>Use a Cover Page
You’ll see that many retail and restaurant sites use this technique: upon hitting “go” after typing in the web address of a certain establishment, a screen comes up before loading the front page that advertises a current deal or coupon to help draw in new customers. You can do this as well by using this technique to promote your launch. You can choose to use this page as a platform for a coupon as well, but you can also use it to simply get the word out.

Brand the Launch Itself
If you are looking to turn your launch into a bit of a spectacle then you may want to consider creating a brand for the event as well. This branding can be used in social media posts, blog posts and it can even be used as a custom hashtag to help spread the word about what it is that your winery is doing.

Limit Your Stock
Some businesses use this practice in the event that a product does not end up selling well, but in any case you can do this to be safe as well as to help raise the stakes. If there is a limited quantity of the item you are launching, then you can create hype for it by announcing just how many you will have in stock at the opening event. Doing so can help get people talking and raise interest as well.

Blog Blog Blog
Like any modern business, large or small, you likely have a blog that relates to your company and the area of service to which it belongs. As a winery or wine store, you can choose to write about your specific item or you can talk about other related topics to help create a buzz around it, get people talking.

There are plenty of other things that you can incorporate as well, but they may depend on the size of your company, what affiliates you have if you have any close partners, and what time of year that you plan on unveiling your new service or product, but the key is to get people interested and to get them talking. Interaction can play an integral role in this exchange while also allowing you to better connect with current and potential customers alike.

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