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7 Ways Social Media Can Help Your Salon Thrive

7 Ways Social Media Can Help Your Salon Thrive

Businesses are taking to social media more than ever, and with good reason. The sheer accessibility of these online platforms is a marketing dream come true, especially for small business owners. Taking your products and services to the web can help boost your following and allow you to flaunt your skills and expertise. This can be especially great for salons. Hair and makeup ideas are very popular on social media sites, so it only makes sense to take full advantage of these trends and apply them to your businesses social feeds and pages.

Make Sure All Relevant Info is Easily Available

As a salon, your main goal is to get people through the front door. But how do you get them there? Having a social media site is definitely a start, but you will want to make sure that relevant information about your salon and its location is readily available and easy to find. Have your store hours list your services right on the front page of your site. Most small businesses have this data located in a side bar so that it does not interfere with other content but is still easy to find. On social media sites, you can include this information in your “About” section, which is usually a featured part of your feed. You can go into greater detail in a different tab, but having your basic services and store hours easily accessible is certainly a plus.

Show Off Your Chops

When it comes to social media, you will want to produce content that your customers and potential clients might be interested in. One of the best things you can do is to post images of your work! Ask customers if you can photograph their finished ‘do and post it to your social media feeds. “Before and After” comparisons are great, too, and they can really show off your salon stylists’ talents. Highlight a particular makeup or hair stylist each week and give a little background info about them and their skills to draw in customers.

Also, whenever you complete a hair and makeup service for a bridal party or a group of girls for prom, take photos to show off the fruits of your labor. Showcasing the haircuts, styles, hairdos and makeup techniques your salon stylists can pull off makes for great PR, especially when you use real life examples. Sites like Instagram and Pinterest are perhaps best for sharing these images, especially since hair and makeup are extremely popular topics of interest on these platforms.

Make Relevant Posts

Aside from posting about your salon, you can share makeup and hair tips that your clientele are sure to love. You can make your own lists and DIY posts, but you can also share ones made by others – as long as you give credit of course. The more people that interact posts, especially on Facebook, the more your salon’s name will circulate, drawing in new customers and boosting business.

Keep Up With the Trends

Hashtags are tools used to categorize posts by topic, but lately companies are using these buzzwords to take part in trends and to create their own. If you want to put your salon on the map, use hot and relevant hashtags to inspire your posts. Share content that has to do with what’s trending or make a how-to video for a hairstyle that’s en vogue right now. Give tips and tricks and advertise your services based on the season’s hottest looks and fashion trends. Additionally, you can make hashtags of your own! Promote a certain style or trend yourself. It also helps to create a designated hashtag for your salon as well. This way, happy customers can share their do hairdo’s and makeup looks with their friends and family, and anyone looking at their posts will know exactly where to go!

Offer Exclusive Content

Discounts and coupons are great ways to get someone’s interest. Offer Facebook, Instagram or Twitter followers a special discount if they like or follow your page. Additionally, offer customers a premade post that they can share with others that will bring them to your site and spread the word!

Host a Contest or a Giveaway

On the same thread as discounts and coupons, nothing gets people more excited than exclusive contests where they can win something for free. Offer special deals or packages for one lucky winner, or even a few, to those who like or share your page. Holding contests where a like/follow or share/reblog counts as an entry can help to further promote your page and your business. When a customer shares your post, more people will see it and are more likely to like and enter especially if there’s a contest involved.

Target Your Posts

Nowadays, more and more posts are being picked up by “Trending” feeds on respective social media sites. Twitter has a sidebar where popular tags are tracked and Facebook has options where you can target your ads. Use these to your advantage, and also make sure to specify where your business is located so you can target a relevant audience. Use hashtags that list your location, whether it be a city, state or general regional area. Use ad targeting to aim your services toward people who have liked similar products, brands that you use, or people who have generally liked other hair and makeup posts and feeds.

Simply being on social media isn’t always enough – you need to know what tools are at your disposal and how to make the best of them. Covering all your bases will help you really put your business on the map.

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