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7 Content Marketing Ideas for Your Landscaping Business

7 Content Marketing Ideas For Your Landscaping Business

Are you a small business just starting out and don’t have a huge advertising budget just yet? No worries, there are still many ways you can market your company, spend next to nothing and still bring in new sales for your landscaping business in 2015. Well, it’s not really the world’s biggest marketing secret anymore that social media is the most powerful way to market a new business, especially with services like lawn care, fall cleanups and snow removal – almost everyone needs them! Your competitors are fully aware of this too. In fact, they have already started using social media outlets to bring in new business to their companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. These methods only tell half the story to an effective content marketing landscapers’ strategy, here is the other half.

1. You have to get a blog. If your landscaping business does not have a blog in 2015, you are missing out on potentially thousands of monthly visitors who could have become your customers. A blog with ANY helpful tips for your target audience can drive internet traffic directly to your website. It can be 2am in the morning, and you’re in bed sleeping like a baby. If the blog articles have just a few targeted topics for your prospective customers, someone can come across your blog at any given moment and learn about your business. You now have a far greater chance of them emailing you asking if you can help them on their next big landscaping project.

2. Don’t stop now. After your blog is up and running, you should hire a copywriter to maintain it, or, find the time in your busy schedule to maintain it yourself. Search engines, especially Google, love when your blog has consistent posts on your topic of expertise. The rule of thumb is that you should post at least 1-2 per week, EVERY week; if you’re in this for the long haul. Search engines will then classify your blog postings as helpful tips to internet users and this can help you get closer to getting on “the first page” of the search engine; even a large one like Google.

3. No blind writing. Try to write interesting, well-researched blogs. The important thing to remember here is to give the online readers something interesting and valuable to readers looking for tips, ideas and more information on your expertise.

4. If you build it, they will come. Search engine optimization or SEO, has taken over the internet world. You need to pay attention to this too, if you are hoping to lure potential customers via the internet. When you are constructing your landscaping blog, you need to do a little research on Google Adwords or Ubersuggest. These sites will give you keyword suggestions to use to strategically insert into each posting. Now when an online users types in landscapers in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, your company’s name could be one of the first names that pop up. SEO, and even better, local SEO, is a beautiful thing.

5.  Addition by subtraction. We know that if you focus all your attention on just writing an amazing blog, then you would could nail it. But what do you want to be? A landscaper or a blogger? If writing these 1-2 blogs per week is going to cause you to not take as many landscaping jobs because you need to spend time writing your blog, this is not conducive for the long term success of your business. Try subtracting all the blog writing from your plate, and give it to an excellent copywriter to handle it for you. Now you have just freed up about 4 hours and can add a few more jobs in for the week. Priceless!

6. Content is king, but not alone. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing love links. Not just any old links, but “working” links from other social media platforms and other websites that link internet users back to your website. It shows these search engines that your website is an all-around viable source of information, and they will reward your website with a ranking. However, this will not happen overnight. Getting ranked, especially in very competitive keywords such as insurance, health care, auto sales, child care and social media should be compared to running a marathon, not a 100 meter dash.

7. What’s the use if it doesn’t work? We already mentioned that content on your website or blog needs fresh content at least 1-2 times per week. While creating this fresh content, DO NOT FORGET TO CHECK ALL YOUR LINKS FOR YOUR OLD POSTS. Now more than ever with Google Panda & Penguin, the fastest way to destroy the website ranking you may have gained is to have tons of broken internet links. Google will figure this out and come to the conclusion that your website is not viable after all and can’t help consumers if the links in your posts are broken and don’t link to anything anymore because you never check them.

You now possess the knowledge tools to create great content for your website or your blog. Follow these tips and most importantly, be consistent, and you will be getting off of page “nowhere” and working your way towards a more desirable search engine ranking.

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