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5 Tips for Pregnant Entrepreneurs

5 Tips For Pregnant Entrepreneurs

More and more women are making a name for themselves in business, and in positions of power in general, but despite the advancements that women have made in the realm of the working world, there are still many hurdles to clear and challenges to face. Many women say that things are getting better, that they truly feel like equals to their male counterparts these days, that is, until they get pregnant…

Aside from the struggles of being a woman in today’s business world, juggling a pregnancy and a new business venture are two already difficult (but rewarding!) things on their own, so having to deal with both at once may have you feeling scared or discouraged. Instead of feeling pressured to choose one or the other, it may help to know that motherhood and entrepreneurship are things that you can accomplish if you set your mind to it and if your heart is really in it. If you have dreams of being a female entrepreneur, then you already have the courage to tackle whatever comes your way.

One of the major reasons why women have had a hard time when it comes to advocating for equality is because of their ability to become mothers and the fact that it was a woman’s primary, if not only, expected role in society until fairly recently. Women have come a long way and have done a lot to prove that they are a powerful and beneficial force as leaders and innovators in the workplace. You may feel like you have a lot to prove to yourself and others if you are a pregnant entrepreneur, or are at least planning on starting a family soon. Keeping your wits about you, planning ahead and knowing your limits can help immensely, and these tips can help keep you on the track to success.

Know How to Balance Life and Work

Balancing your business with your pregnancy can be tough work, but it is absolutely achievable. You can have your cake and eat it, too! Like most things, the most important aspect of accomplishing multiple tasks at once is time management. Time management requires that you be organized and focused, and that you know when your optimal productive periods are. Knowing how to properly harness your productivity while pregnant may be a bit tricky, but if you are in tune with your body’s needs and give it the care and relaxation required during pregnancy, then your brain and your drive should remain in good shape. Keep detailed lists, set reminders, and always remember to rest when you need to. It’s normal to feel tired or worn out, but as a pregnant entrepreneur you may also feel especially fatigued, nauseous and any other number of typical pregnancy side effects. If you know when to take breaks and when to get stuff done, then you should be able to handle your workload while also making sure to care for yourself and your baby-on-the-way.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Your Support System for Help

If you’re starting a family, then everything about your life will change. You will need to juggle plenty of new responsibilities as a mother, but remember that you have others with you. If you have a partner, know that their life will be changing just as much as yours and that a lot of responsibility will be equally delegated between the two of you. And if you are an entrepreneur and business owner, then you likely have partners, associates and employees who will be able to help keep the company going along with you. Knowing that you are not alone can be a great comfort and a huge relief.

Keep on Planning

As a soon-to-be parent, you will be planning ahead to make sure that your home and your schedule will accommodate the baby, and as an entrepreneur it helps to do some preliminary planning so that you can get things done ahead of time in preparation for the hectic months to come. Making sure that each realm of your life can accommodate and acclimatize to the other is important. A baby can affect how much time you devote to your work, and embarking on an entrepreneurial endeavor will take a chunk out of your personal, family life as well.

Think about your business plan: what sort of situations and scenarios did you plot out before plowing forward with your business idea? A lot of these same concepts will apply to your personal and professional life when preparing for a big life change. Think of all possible scenarios and plan for them as meticulously as possible. Doing as much work now will definitely benefit you in the long run. If you have more completed before the baby arrives, the less you may have to worry about once the time actually comes and the more you will be able to settle into your new lifestyle.

Keep Your Schedule Flexible

Babies and business hardly ever work according to a prearranged schedule, at least not one that is so meticulously calculated, anyway. Things are bound to happen and it helps to not be so easily thrown off if something comes up. Your baby-to-be will not likely go to sleep and wake up according to your work schedule, and as an entrepreneur you will be facing obstacles as they come, not often knowing what will happen next. In order to best acclimate the plans you have in place from the previous tip, it helps to realize that you need to keep an open mind when it comes to scheduling while being aware of growing too lax. You will have to weigh options during and after your pregnancy, so in order to best accommodate yourself it helps to be open minded and flexible while remaining focused and determined no matter what.

Own Your Pregnancy

There may be an elephant in the room when you walk into a meeting with a very pregnant belly. Whether you are meeting with employees and associates or investors and partners, it helps to be assertive and confident in your business operations while pregnant. Work your pregnancy into your pitch, instantly turn the situation into a positive point before people begin to wonder or ask questions. By being upfront about it, it makes it very clear to others that you are aware of how being pregnant, and subsequently becoming a mom, can alter your professional life and how you already plan to deal with it and integrate these new life changes with your burgeoning business’ new changes, too.

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