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Dempsey, Weiss & Associates is a multi-line insurance agency successfully meeting the insurance and financial needs of business owners and individuals in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, since 1989.

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Today’s business owners need flexible, tailored insurance coverage that addresses specific exposures and goals. We can help you identify the risks you face and protect your livelihood.


Protection against life’s uncertainties is sensible financial management. Investing in personal insurance will ensure that you and your family can continue to enjoy the quality of life that you deserve.

What Others Have Said About Dempsey Weiss & Associates…

“I originally became a client of Dempsey-Weiss because their rates were so competitive. I’ve stayed a client for over 20 years because of the relationship they’ve created with my business and my family.”

Gerry Bifulco, Bifulco Farms

I’m not just the owner of my business, I’m also an employee. I don’t have time to worry about insurance. My DWA agent regularly reviews my account to evaluate my changing risks and is always available to get me anything I need right away.

Stacy Davis, Stacy Davis Electric

“My landscaping business is seasonal and I am always needing to add and delete vehicles and equipment. Dempsey Weiss understands my needs and efficiently handles any changes to my policy.”

Anthony Brida, Brida Stone, Inc.

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